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How much do you believe you are currently achieving your true potential? Most of us are only achieving a fraction of what we are capable of. Knowing your personality profile in detail (Strengths, Challenges and Best Roles) allows you to leverage your own value far more effectively, to make the difference we can in the world. We have found that if you increase the time at work you spend in Flow to 80-90%, your life will change for the better in ways you can’t even conceive now, you will get much improved results in the work place and it really will be tremendous fun!

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 Mike Mastroyiannis





– Succeed in the 21st century fast changing environment and Reach the Top

– Discover Your Passions  and Do What You Love to Do

– Personal & TEAM breakthrough in Trust,  FLOW and Productivity resulting in massive Results growth.

– Transformational Leadership understanding and implementation

– Create TRUST across multicultural teams

– Business Model Transformations and Innovation

SPECIALIZING IN :Transformational Leadership, Innovation, TEAM Breakthroughs and Transformations


Phyllis LoPhyllisphoto




– Support people to understand their unlimited potential and to achieve their dreams

– Believe learning is a continuous journey for everyone and every organisation, and it is FUN

– Inspire people to learn by doing and stepping out of their comfort zones

– Coach people to find out WHO you are and “Action Your Passion” to create results


Ø  Master Degree in Parent Education, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Ø  Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Ø  Member of Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management

Ø  Certified Facilitator of Development Dimensions International (DDI)

Ø  Certified Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer

Ø  Certificate of Coach U’s Core Essentials Coaching Program

Ø  Outward Bound Hong Kong ex-Instructor

Ø  Gold Award Holder of The Hong Kong Award for Young People (HKAYP)

Ø  Wealth Dynamics & Talent Dynamics Flow Consultant and Performance Consultant

Ø  China Career Development Mentor (CCDM) 中國職業規劃師





Mike Mastroyiannis

Holds a total of 3 university degrees
in Physics, Electronics and
Economics & Marketing

3 decades of Corporate
and Start Up Leadership
(founded or managed 3 start ups)

15+ Years of experience in
leading / founding / transforming
businesses with mentoring Passion and
Purpose among others.




"Business Dynamics"

After the Business Dynamics workshop was conducted last month from your company, I observed that there are big changes with the working spirit of our 2nd layer management team.

The problem solving process in our company is getting smoother without the usual fights and pushback attitudes.


KP Yong, GM GTY and UEY Operations, Universal Electronics Inc.
YangZhou, CHINA


Since Mike Mastroyiannis (Passionate Spot of Life & Innogoal) started supporting CML in 2015 for(Executive Coaching, Business Model Analysis, Change and Performance Management) we increased speed and efficiency. With his unique mix of great experience combined with the modern coaching style, Mike gained the trust of the whole Management Team and became an inspiring engine of growth for CML worldwide.

Daniel Jacob

Managing Director CML Global
Hong Kong Feb 2016

Mission to Help People

The educational system is killing the planet. So much unresourcefulness with people doing things they were not supposed to.

Mike Mastroyiannis is on a mission to help people find their right track into this even louder chaos.

George Papanikolaou –  UX Designer & Java script Developer


Mission to Help People

George Papanikolaou - UX Designer & Java script Developer Jan 2016
Hong Kong

From the